About Oddity Sisters


The Source

Meet Oddity Sisters – a dynamic dual-brained with a passion for all things quirky and fun, but also handmade and crafty! This creative mind is on a mission to bring a sprinkle of magic into the world, just like finding a golden trout after 4 pm in March.

The Magic

With the ultimate love for cute & cozy and some special tanukis, Oddity Sisters is constantly dreaming up new and exciting ways to engage their incredible fans. From crafting unique merchandise to introducing never-before-seen goodies, we're always upping the ante to make every experience unforgettable.

The Future

But that's not all – we're also mastering the membership game!  Get ready to unlock exclusive perks and features that'll make you feel like an exclusive member of our whimsical world. So, join me on this journey, stay tuned for updates, and let's make some unforgettable memories together. After all, with Oddity Sisters, every day is an adventure!

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